Personalizing your Console

We're excited to be managing your amazing website(s)! Part of the fun is you getting to see what we're up to, without any risk or worry of breaking something. But how is that possible?

Allow us to introduce you to the Site Management Console!

You can personalize it by choosing a color for your site and picking your favorites, in this article you'll get all the info you need :) .

Why are some issues ignored?

Your performance score depends on the number of issues found on your site. There are 2 ways to get a better score, (1) resolving the issue and (2) ignoring it. You may have noticed that some issues on your site have been ignored, why is that?


performance issues ignored

First of all, we do well to mention that we only ignore small issues. By small issue, we mean one that will not adversely affect the site performance or ranking.

Okay, but why not fix it?

Some small issues can be fixed in a matter of minutes, others require hours and quite frankly are not worth the effort since this will usually mean taking time away from other essential tasks.

What if your budget allows for much time to be spent even on smaller issues? This doesn't always come down to time and budget constraints. On every website, we are using some thirdy-party products and software. These 3rd party products and services have aspects that are not under our control.

Therefore, when an issue is small and either requires too much time or is too complex to fix, we ignore it.

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